L’Oreal resist and shine nail polish

  About a week ago or so I bought a 5-pack of L’Oreal’ resist and shine polish at Simply Be for £10. It was 9 ml bottles and I really wanted the nude shades that was shown in the product photo (which is above). What arrived was this: Not exactly what I wanted and when […]

Sculpturing acrylic nails

Since the dawn of times (or at least since I was born) I’ve been biting my nails. Mom did it too and I haven’t got a clue if it’s a bad habit you can inherit. I read somewhere that it is a sign that the body is lacking something, but I’m not so sure. These […]

Seamstress doings and a new tunic

A long time ago I was a part of the crew who sew costumes for the theater in my hometown. It was anything from tuxedos to big gowns and the sewing skills I had that first day I walked through the door to that studio were very basic. You could compare it with the skills […]

Learning How To Do Cartoon Portraits

You would think it would be a lot easier to paint portraits with less detail and for some people it is. But my mind seems to be locked into a state where I automatically look for the every tiny shadow, every single hair and shade there is when I paint portraits. It’s all a matter […]

Lemon cake

Next to Princess cake there’s another cake from my native neighbourhood that I really missed. It’s quite simple because the only dominating flavour is lemon, and because of that it’s very refreshing. Especially if you compare it to cakes with sugar paste and butter cream. It’s also very rich because of all the whipped cream […]

Princess cake

There are few cakes that are more Swedish than this one. If you are watching The Great British Bake-Off, this cake was one of the technical challenges during the last season (unless I remember it all wrong). Before I moved to the UK I had never made this. In Sweden you buy them at the […]

Spring Cake

I can’t remember the excuse I had to make this cake, but I’m sure it made sense at the time 😉 If nothing else dessert was fixed for a whole week :p The size of this cake was the same as the chocolate ganache cake, although the flavours were a bit different. It had vanilla […]

It’s been a lot of cake lately…

I could easily cover three posts in one about the cakes I’ve made lately, but lets settle for one to begin with. Except for the latest addition to my bakery adventures, I’ve had reasons to fill the fridge with cake once a week. That is, if you need a reason for it 😉 The cake […]

Custard Filled Buns

  The are few flavours that are more addictive than vanilla. Anything that contains vanilla tend to be very difficult to stop eating, however these buns are very filling so I dare you to eat more than one at the time 😉 No I’m not. I don’t want to be responsible for any potential tummy […]


    I guess you could say that this is a pimped up Swiss Roll in many ways. And it’s really good, at least if you like meringue, hazelnuts and cream. There’s no flour in this, so it’s gluten free if you need that. You can also exclude the hazelnuts if there’s a problem with […]